Ah'm no sorry for using the 'C' word

Ah'm no sorry for using the 'C' word

Aye, it’s September. It’s no even been Halloween yet and there’s a whole bunch of dunderheids on your Facebook feed sharing those bloody annoying memes ‘only 100 days until Christmas’.

Get tae.

But here’s the thing. For us independent businesses, Christmas is a mahoosive deal. The profit we make from November and December carries us through to February (sometimes beyond), as we all know how driech our moods and bank balances are come January.

tartan christmas tree on brown wrapping paper


Another thing, us creative businesses start preparing Christmas products in August. Our independent shop owner pals start buying Christmas products even earlier. We do this to try and cope with demand, we know the majority of our customers want to wait until November/ December tae get into the Christmas spirit, but for us early orders are the dream. It spreads our work load over the last quarter of the year, rather than us working 24/7 in the last couple of weeks in the lead up to the last post dates. So you cannie blame us for getting excited about what we’re making, we just want to show you, even if it is only September.

all is calm paper bunting by hiya pal on blue wall with fireplace


If you’re serious about supporting small business this Christmas, think about ordering early. It helps us cope with demand and it helps you spread the cost, just dinnae forget where you put it.

I’ll be sending out an early birds discount code in an email towards the end of the month, if you’re no already on the mailing list, sign up now. Just go back to the homepage and scroll down to enter yer email address. 

Did ye know it's only 100 days tae go?!

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