naked cards pledge

Taps Aff, it's time to get naked!

My lifelong ambition achieved, not only have I started a blog but my first blog post is all about getting naked. I'm only talking about cellophane, of course.

There's no much to tell you about really, it's pretty obvious. Plastic is rubbish, we certainly don't want to be using single-use plastic. I have always tried to ensure I use FSC certified cardstock and the majority of the tartan I use is offcuts from kiltmakers, but I have also always used cellophane wrappers to protect my cards from their travels in the post. 

Naked Cards Pledge

Well, not any more. With the launch of my new website I have joined the movement of Naked Cards and will be switching to paper bags from now on. I'd love to go fully naked (oooooh aye) and may trial it in the near future, but for now I still want to make sure those time-consuming handmade cards are in perfect condition when they arrive with you. 

I even did a 'pishing doon' test to make sure a paper bag and postal envelope was enough to keep your orders in tact in a pure driech Scottish shower. Inevitably, the day I thought of doing this ended up being the start of a 3 day scorchio Scottish sun sesh, but eventually the driech weather returned and I finally managed the test.

Good news, it was braw. So there you go pals, every time you order a card from now on we'll be getting a little more naked, together. Taps Aff!

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