Scottish card bundle offer from Hiya Pal Cards

Any 4 cards for £12

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Aye, that's right you can get 4 cards for £12...any 4 you like.

So get yer granny's birthday card, yer long lost pal a wee 'blether' card, yer partner's 'bawheid' card, AND yer auntie's fella's sister's dug a card for a smashing wee discounted price. Just add a note at checkout to let me know which cards you're after!

Our cards are made from good quality linen embossed card, designed, cut and pieced together by hand with real tartan in Bonnie Scotland. All our cards are blank inside so you can write what you want, and they come with a white envelope in a paper bag (because we're trying to reduce our plastic waste).

*Please note this doesn't include custom cards. You sneaky sausage.*