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Cheeky Scottish Card Bundle

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A great value mixed bundle of cheeky cards from all our ranges, pop them in yer card drawer and never miss an occasion tae share our cheeky Scots humour again!

This selection comes with the following designs:

-2 designs from our Handmade range; 'Bawheid' & 'You're no deid yet'

-2 designs from our Patterned Patter range; 'Jammy bastart' & 'Happy Birthday Bawbag'

-2 designs from our Neon In Yer Face range; 'Shite' & 'Fannybaws'

-2 designs from our Bright Banter range; 'Auld' & 'Happy Birthday Bawbag'

Our cards are packed in recycled tissue paper made in the UK and recyclable cardboard postal boxes.