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Christmas Jobby Tree Decoration - Munro

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For most of us, the year of the jobby was of course, 2020! We have a very limited number of jobbies left in Munro Modern tartan available. Unlike previous years, these jobbies are undated, so they are just plain tartan on the back. Ideal for friends who have had a tough year and need a wee giggle about it.

These tartan Christmas tree decorations are packaged in a brown paper bag with a wee paper tag attached 'A Braw Wee Reminder of 2023'.

Please note these are a novelty tree decoration and are NOT a toy, they are not suitable for children and must be kept out of reach, and also away from flames.

Made from Munro Modern tartan and measuring about 10cm x 10cm, designed and sewn together in Scotland, the Christmas jobby is a funny Christmas tree decoration. It has a wee jobby face on one side, is made from real Scottish tartan the edges naturally fray but it just adds tae the haggard look we've all been rockin' since 2020.