Preorder NICE Hiya Pal Calendar 2020

Preorder NICE Hiya Pal Calendar 2020

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Last year’s Hiya Pal calendar was so popular it sold out, twice! I dinnae even get tae keep a copy of it maself! 

This is a preorder option for 2020’s NICE banter calendar (aye, we’re also doing a NAUGHTY banter one this year). It’ll be delivered in October, so plenty of time before Christmas if it’s a stocking filler or secret Santa present.

It’s just a wee calendar (DL sized) but big enough to pop yer pals birthdays in, and bright enough to catch your eye in any room, and features different banter from last year’s! 

It disnae feature any ‘bad’ Scottish banter, so ye can buy it for yer Granny.